A company Twitter-account for recruitment? How and Why

We have been using Twitter (@Yle_rekry) for recruitment and employer branding for about 1 month. The account is not yet very active: I have tried to raise some topics, but no discussion yet. @Yle_rekry has 140 followers. And I truly hope that in the near future it will be more than one-way broadcasting.

By saying “we” I actually mean I, since at the moment I’m the only person tweeting.

I have specified few topics for our tweets and presence:

Job openings: I hope we could reach both active and passive job seekers and spread the word about job opportunities at Yle. We are not recruiting that much, so every case is crucial.

Stories about our personnel: this can be almost any content (photos, blogs, videos etc) our employees make. And there is enough content on the web, but the problem is how to find it? Pinterest is our newest channel for charing. My next task is to launch our common hashtag #yleme. It would be ideal if all content shared had #yleme.

Stories about Yle as an employer: this is mostly links to yle.fi and to Yle Yhtiönä section of our web page. Which is a pretty good insight to Yle though a bit hard to find.

Job seeking tips and advice: Because @Yle_rekry is for recruitment it is safe to assume that followers are interested in career advice. By sharing interesting links @Yle_rekry is doing customer service and giving. I’m willing to help job seekers as much as I can. So if anybody has any questions, just ask!

Analyze and follow people interested in Yle as an employer: @Yle_rekry followers are a very important source of information. Who are they? What are they talking about? What are their interests? For future recruitments it is very crucial to get to know people interested in Yle.

As I have read so many times recently, the “post and pray” –era of recruitment is gone. As an employer, we need to have an active approach for recruitment.

Vala Afshar makes points about social enterprise which also apply to managing a company recruitment Twitter-account:

  • Good business is personal – it requires transparency, accountability, & trust
  • Communication must be at the speed of need
  • Personal brand and influence get you faster results

Our Twitter-account must be both personal and have its own voice. It’s no use to just share links and job ads with no personal comments. And you must be online yourself and ready react fast if needed. @Yle_rekry can’t leave town for a holiday.

We must have something extra to share and we must share it with our own voice. Even when I’m are tweeting under company’s brand.

 That can be a bit scary, but as Vala Afshar also points out:”Hire people you trust and then trust them. The company’s social collaboration guideline doesn’t have to exceed 1-page. Emphasize business uses as the primary reason but recognize that personalization is necessary to fostering trust and willingness to share and connect.” 


I’m very proud that even officially my job includes tweeting. At #truHelsinki I met other HR-professionals tweeting for their organization: Terhi Aho from @Psycon  @terhiaho and Lars Schmidt @thisislars @NPRjobs. I highly recommend you should follow them! This photo was taken at #truHelsinki in september.




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